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Beauty Makeover:
[Feb. 13]

Would you like to have a makeover? Try the Makeover-O-Matic. Scan a photograph of yourself and follow the directions on the makeover page. When you like what you see, you can save it and a “look book” will be automatically created for you. You can even send your pictures to your friends via e-mail.  Log onto www.women.com/style/beauty/pages/

On this same sight you can also choose "Clothesminded".  This will take you to the Chic Do’s and Dont’s. There is a handy check list for getting dressed in the morning. This list consist of things you should not wear and what is chic-able, as it says on the site, to wear. Here are some of the things listed:

Unspeakable to Wear:
  • Long ball-gown skirt worn with Shiny black pumps
  • Dark wool blazer with white blouse
  • White and gold jewelry
Chic-able to Wear:
  • Watfty jabella with wafer-thin Indiana Sandals
  • Suede blazer with silk
    knit t-shirt
  • white and silver



Beauty in the Home
[Feb. 13]

Have you heard of Feng Shui”?  Maybe you pronounce it (fung shway).  It is the chinese discipline that teaches us how to attract and enhance our life energy (called Chi), according to how our homes are arranged. You can see how it works and all this information is on the home zone on the style page of www.women.com website.
I clicked onto “Your Health” it was so interesting. It tells about the center, or heart of your home and how it holds your physical energies. It says some homes feel like there is no heart, and it usually shows in the people who live there. It tells you what to do to make your home a much more pleasant place to be by adding different colors, plants, square and flat items. This is a very interesting site, make sure you click on style at the top of the page then to home zone.




Beauty Secrets
[Jan. 13]

Every woman has an inner beauty, which makes her unique, but on the outside we sometimes need a little help. Changing our hairstyle, selecting makeup, which can highlight our features without being overpowering. Choosing the right moisturizing creams for our skin, weather it is normal, dry or oily.

Are you attending a certain function or event and don’t really know what to wear or what is appropriate for that special occasion. Do you know what you should not wear with certain clothes when you are going out or what accessories to wear/or not? How about getting a hairstyle, just like your favorite celebrity, or do you want to know what kind of makeup your favorite celebrity wears, like Jennifer Lopez, and how much it cost. Then log onto this great site to find out the answers and get great beauty tips. 






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