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Keep well-hydrated to help PMS?
[Jan. 13]

Keeping well hydrated is especially important for women with PMS, says expert Stephanie Bender, Director of "Full Circle Women’s Health" in Boulder, Colorado. A women with PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome) Already has something in her body not working right and by not having water, a women’s body sets up another barrier for her body to overcome.

Learn more about how great water is for you, click onto:



Diabetes – a problem that faces many in the Hispanic Community:
[Jan. 13]

The National Council of LaRaza (NCLR) has assisted DDT (Division of Diabetes Translation) in raising awareness and preparing the Hispanic/Latino community to develop culturally appropriate diabetes education programs. The government division of "Diabetes Translation", has facilitated the marketing distribution of focus groups, tested educational materials targeting Mexican Americans and Puerto Ricans living with diabetes. The "Health Promotion Council" of Southwestern Pennsylvania, Inc developed this material.

There are many State-Based Diabetes Control Programs, click onto this government site to learn more about the "National Hispanic/Latino Diabetes Initiative for Action"





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