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Indiana State Convention News

Indiana State Convention-Michigan CityHello Everyone,

The Indiana LULAC 45th Annual State Convention was held on May 3rd & 4th, 2002. The Convention began on May 3rd with a Cinco de Mayo Dance (May 5th dance), which is celebrated, because of a small town in Mexico called Puebla, which fought for independence from France and won. The LULAC Host council was Michigan City # 5006 and the dance was held at the Heston Hill Convention Center in LaPorte, Indiana. The evening was filled with great food and great dancing with the band from "Together". Great job and three cheers for Michigan City Council # 5006.

The convention was held on May the 4th, 2002 at the Holiday Inn Conference Center & Holidome in Michigan City, Indiana. The convention began at 9:00 am and convened at 3:00pm. After registration and a Continental Breakfast, the business part of the meeting began at 9:00 am. There was much work to be done in the morning hours and through out the day. Lunchtime was very good and we were very honored to have, Mr. John Fernandez, the only Hispanic Mayor in Indiana, from Bloomington, Indiana. be our Speaker at the Luncheon. Mr. Fernandez has served as Bloomington’s Mayor and Chief Executive since 1995.

I am glad to Report to everyone that I have been elected again as the Indiana Deputy State Director for Women for the year 2002/2003. I hope that I have served you well in my position and again if you have any questions for me concerning the website or women’s affairs, please contact me at I will be having the website updated as soon as possible, and also when I receive information on how the National Women’s Conference in San Francisco went. I will be posting it also on the website.

Respectfully Submitted,

Mrs. Zoraida Medellin,
Indiana LULAC Deputy State Director for Women




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