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Must-Have Fashions:
[June 21]

Also log onto latinamagazine.com to check out the new Latina Magazine online with 71 beauty must-haves and fashion finds for every figure.


Beauty Makeover:
[Feb. 13]

Would you like to have a makeover? Try the Makeover-O-Matic. Scan a photograph of yourself and follow the directions on the makeover page. When you like what you see, you can save it and a “look book” will be automatically created for you. You can even send your pictures to your friends via e-mail.  Log onto www.women.com/style/beauty/pages/


On this same site you can also choose "Clothesminded".  This will take you to the Chic Do’s and Dont’s. There is a handy check list for getting dressed in the morning. This list consist of things you should not wear and what is chic-able, as it says on the site, to wear. Here are some of the things listed:

Unspeakable to Wear:
  • Long ball-gown skirt worn with Shiny black pumps
  • Dark wool blazer with white blouse
  • White and gold jewelry
Chic-able to Wear:
  • Watfty jabella with wafer-thin Indiana Sandals
  • Suede blazer with silk
    knit t-shirt
  • white and silver



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