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National Women’s Health Week:
*May 9-15, 2004*

The National Women's Health Information Center

National Women’s Check-Up Day (May 9-15) is a nationwide effort led by the Health and Human Services. The purpose of the National Women’s Check-Up Day is to emphasize the importance of getting regular check-ups and screenings for heart disease, cancer, diabetes, stroke and HIV sexually transmitted diseases.

Many hospitals and clinics will be having health screenings and you can check with your local hospital for times and dates. If you need further information you can log onto the Health and Human services web site.



Sponsor Free Mammograms!
[Apr. 7]

Breast Cancer Site - Click here to fund a FREE mammogram!Please help your fellow Latinas by visiting The Breast Cancer Site.  The purpose of this site is to fund free mammograms for those who cannot afford them.  Experts suggest that early detection by way of self exams and mammograms are the #1 line of defense against breast cancer.  Simply visit the site and click on the pink "Fund Free Mammograms" button.  

The site also offers a full line of breast cancer awareness and pink ribbon products ranging from jewelry to attire, all supporting the funding of free mammograms.



[May 19]
CMP OnlineIf you or someone you know suffers from hearing loss, visit, the home of the Captioned Media Program (CMP).  The CMP provides a free-loan media program of over 4,000 open-captioned titles (videos, CD-ROM, and DVD), many of which are in Spanish. Deaf and hard of hearing persons, teachers, parents, and others may borrow materials. There are no rental, registration, or postage fees. Several hundred titles are also streamed on the CMP web site.
Info courtesy of

"The mission of the Captioned Media Program (CMP) is to provide all persons who are deaf or hard of hearing awareness of and equal access to communication and learning through the use of captioned educational media and supportive collateral materials. The ultimate goal of the CMP is to permit media to be an integral part in the lifelong learning process for all stakeholders in the deaf and hard of hearing community: adults, students, parents, and educators."

-CMP Mission Statement



National Center for Exploited and Missing Children

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