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Managing your money

Are you a woman who needs information on; debt, budget, divorce, investing retirement, money management, big expenses, kids & money? Wouldn't you  like to have a cash flow calculator sheet to see where your money goes.`

Make sure you long onto www.ivillage.com

Social Security

According to the Social Security Administration if you are worried about getting your Social Security or SSI checks, because of the recent national events. They urge you to Consider Direct Deposit. Direct deposit ensures your money’s available when you need it, it ends trips to the bank, and prevents stolen checks.

You can expect an annual Cost -of-Living Adjustment or COLA. A 2.6 percent increase soon in your benefit payments. If you’re a Social Security beneficiary, the increase will start with your January 2002 benefit. SSI recipients will get increased payments beginning December 31, 2001.

This vital information on Cost-of –Living also taken from the Social Security Administration Web site.  If you need information of Medicare, Retirement, Disability, Informacion en Espanol, Forms, Social Security Card and Number, Immigration, Employment support for people with disabilities, and best of all there is a special page just for women. Log onto www.SSA.gov for all your questions on Social Security. Women with children, while you are on the SSA.gov web site make sure you also click on kids pages, it is great for young kids and teens.


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